What would you do to relax after a long & hustling work day?

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What would you do to relax after a long & hustling work day?

Nighttime is a perfect opportunity to unwind, indulge and rejuvenate ourselves in soothing activities. Let’s explore some nighttime relaxation activities by incorporating ROOAR body care products into our self-care routine, allowing us to create a luxurious and calming experience before diving into our bed. 

Transforming our bathroom into a personal spa by lighting up your favorite scented candle. It is always a good idea to immerse yourself in a warm bath or shower to relax your mind and body muscles. We can add some bath salts (or Epsom salt) infused with calming essential oils like lavender or chamomile into the bath, this will certainly help to soothe our fatigue muscles and calm our nerves after a hectic day. FInish off by applying ROOAR’s Aromatic Body Hydrator or Velvet Body Hydrator, apart from nourishing your skin and leaving your skin feeling soft and pampered, these body hydrators can definitely transform each use into an opulent sensory experience through the delightful aroma.

To elevate the routine, we can give ourselves a relaxing body massage by using ROOAR’s Invigorating massage oil. By warming the oil between our palms and gently massaging it to our fatigued and tense neck, shoulders and lower back muscles. The invigorating massage oil contains essential oils such as ginger and clove bud which not only promotes circulation-boosting but also provide relief from pain. 

Building a nighttime routine bring benefits beyond merely improving our sleep quality by signaling our mind and body to wind down, by creating a consistent wind-down routine can especially beneficial for those who struggle with insomnia, the routine communicates to our body that “it’s time to relax and prepare to sleep”, helping to alleviate sleep difficulties and improve sleep quality. 

Keep in mind that everyone’s nighttime routine is unique, the goal is to create a restful sleep and relaxing self-owned moments, let’s experiment various nighttime activities and find what brings comfort and helps you unwind before bed. 

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